Our customers want more than just low cost parts – although that is important. They also want reliable, robust solutions that they can confidently on-sell to their customers.

Lasslett applies expertise to ensure the design of the product or assembly is optimiesed with a focus on:

  • Functional performance
  • Design for manufacture - to minimise re-work, waste and labour
  • Material selection and specification
  • Assembly methodology
  • Aesthetics
  • Packing, logistics and supply-chain integration

Whilst Lasslett has particular expertise in rubber and plastics, our experience extends into other areas including composites and sub-assembly design.

We work in partnership with our clients’ engineers to produce elegant solutions that can be delivered reliably and cost-effectively and which can be seamlessly integrated into our clients’ supply chain.

Low volume prototype runs verify design, assembly and performance parameters before committing to volume tooling and production.